Big Project

Welcome! For my Big Project, I decided to create a podcast about documentaries on Netflix! Each week I had a new guest and we gave an overview of that week’s doc, dicussed underlying topics within it, and had some casual conversation. Every guest had to end the episode by sharing something new for listeners to watch! This is a lighthearted podcast and I really enjoyed the process the creating it so far.

The main tools I used to create my podcast were the DKC podcast room, Audacity, Anchor, and Canva. Audacity is a free digital audio editor and recording application. I used Audacity strictly to edit my podcast, I would do this by dropping in all my different recordings (intro, music, podcast content, and outro music) and then dragging and cutting where I wanted the different recordings. Anchor allowed me to upload my podcast to their site and then share it through different podcast streaming sites. I chose to share mine through Spotify and Google Podcast. I used Canva Pro to create my podcast cover. It is super user-friendly, they have templates you can use or you can create whatever you need from scratch. After that, you can download it straight to your device. Below is the podcast cover I created!

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