Week Four

This week was really focused on building our website. On Monday, Whalen taught us how to add images, links, and change our background on our websites. We also discussed how to create a subdomain for our retro page and add it to the webring. I am still a little confused on how to do that.

The code for image for the image above is <img src=”iMG_4382.jpg” alt=”Puerto Rico Coastline”>

On Wednesday, we started peer teaching which was really cool. I have never done peer teaching like this in another class. Nick and Anya did their peer teachings and it was super useful. Anya taught us how to align photos. She walked us through how to put a photo on the left, middle, or right and how to align text with pictures. Nick taught us how to add audio. He tried to autoplay the audio but we think it is not possible to do anymore. The code for audio is <audio> <source src=”audiofilenamehere” type=audio/audiotypehere”> </audio>

I peer taught on Friday and I dicussed how to embed a YouTube video. Youtube is really easy to code because Youtube gives you the code.

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