Week Three

To start off the week, we were supposed to listen to a podcast about Geocities which I found really interesting. At the beginning of the podcast, it discussed how some sites had their own identity or were kind of like a private community. They further explained how some sites would have a neon yellow background and neon green text so that was super hard to read. One of the speakers talked about he was openly gay at a time when it was not widely accepted and he was able to find a community of other gays and lesbians. I thought this was really interesting because social media is used as a way to connect people and create community networks. Facebook has private pages that people can join, for example, I am part of a private Foodie page where people can share good restaurants or specific meals from restaurants in the DMV area. I find it interesting how the internet and social media have developed so much over time but this aspect has not changed and it does not seem like it is going to go away. This whole community aspect is a huge part of the Metaverse which we discussed last week.

On Wednesday we discussed hypertext. We went over Memex, Xanadu, StorySpace, HyperCard, and <A>. For the collaborative activity, Emmanual and I did further research on Xanadu. It basically allows users to create documents that can embed their sources within them and allows you to connect to a sourced document. I personally think this is something that could be extremely useful for college students writing research papers. Emmanual and I created the ad that is below.

During Friday’s class, we coded the start of a website which I found super interesting a fun. I already know a little bit about code so it was nice to do it again. To start we had to change our computer settings to display file extensions. I used Sublime Text as my text editor since I have used it before and it is nice to work with. In Sublime, we coded:

<!DOCTYPE html>

The <body> tag is the content that is displayed on the page and is what visitors will see.

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